[58] xoxoxo

applewifey : 2021/10/27(Wed) 03:41 ID : d83b9961

[56] xoxoxo

alli_ens : 2021/10/27(Wed) 01:15 ID : d3954fc2

[55] dddddd-doodle

cinni : 2021/10/27(Wed) 01:05 ID : 49f6fdda [URL]

[49] xoxoxo

harmony : 2021/10/26(Tue) 22:26 ID : 0f65de43

OB1635301560766.png (11543 B) PaintTime : 5min44sec
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Re: xoxoxo harmony : 2021/10/26(Tue) 22:28 ID : 0f65de43 [50]

i had to draw this w/ my trackpad cuz my tablet is gaaarbage >O<

Re: xoxoxo ee : 2021/10/26(Tue) 22:43 ID : 705b4b98 [52]

it's very cute :))

Re: xoxoxo cinni : 2021/10/26(Tue) 23:59 ID : 49f6fdda [54]

soooo cayoot >w<!!

[51] xoxoxo

ee : 2021/10/26(Tue) 22:42 ID : 705b4b98

OB1635302562843.png (28584 B) PaintTime : 14min
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ahh,i never expected it to come out good. i used my mouse to draw. it's very cute (o^▽^o)

Re: xoxoxo cinni : 2021/10/26(Tue) 23:59 ID : 49f6fdda [53]

ahh so cute! i like the rectangle details, very stylish :-D

[48] xoxoxo

ee : 2021/10/26(Tue) 22:25 ID : 705b4b98 *

[46] xoxoxo

:•) : 2021/10/26(Tue) 21:07 ID : 1df922d6 *

[45] xoxoxo

rorysepiroth : 2021/10/26(Tue) 18:27 ID : 66785fe9

[36] xoxoxo

machine_cat : 2021/10/26(Tue) 16:38 ID : fc82a4cf

OB1635280698157.png (13650 B) PaintTime : 10min2sec
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still figuring this out

Re: xoxoxo machine_cat : 2021/10/26(Tue) 16:42 ID : fc82a4cf [37]

found out how to resize the brush after i was finished drawing this lol.
is there any way to change the layer opacity?

Re: xoxoxo cinni : 2021/10/26(Tue) 16:59 ID : ac4bd431 [39]

not sure if you can with paintbbs NEO, but chickenpaint has layer opacity and is way more in depth! (just fyi you can switch by using the "tool" drop down menu!)

Re: xoxoxo machine_cat : 2021/10/26(Tue) 17:38 ID : d416450a [43]

oh awesome! I haven't tried chickenpaint yet

[34] test

rocktype : 2021/10/26(Tue) 16:32 ID : 3b26bcdf [URL]

OB1635280357799.png (173838 B) PaintTime : 27min9sec

i drew this while i was trying to figure out how to recover the first image (that i was able to get back!) ignore that the hand is backwards lol

Re: test rocktype : 2021/10/26(Tue) 16:34 ID : 3b26bcdf [URL] [35]

oh no i just realized i put test in the name category instead of my screen name ;; is there a way to fix that?

Re: test cinni : 2021/10/26(Tue) 16:54 ID : ac4bd431 [38]

hey rocktype! i don't think there's a way to change your own posts yet :-( i did change it on the server-side, so it should be corrected now!

Re: test cinni : 2021/10/26(Tue) 17:09 ID : ac4bd431 [41]

ok - nevermind! there is a way. you just have to remember to set a password before you post and then you can edit it all the way at the bottom of the page - you just need to enter the post number and password! phew. i'm gonna write up a guide soon to hopefully make this site easier to use :-p

Re: test rocktype : 2021/10/26(Tue) 17:33 ID : 3b26bcdf [URL] [42]

ty cinni! looking forward to seeing the guide bc i wanna try getting my friends to use this board too :D